1.5" shad). the shiner perch (Cymatogaster aggregata).. Cyprinid shiners are: Eastern shiners, genus Notropis; Finescale shiners, genus Lythrurus; Flagfin shiners, genus Pteronotropis; Golden shiner, Notemigonus crysoleucas (a monotypic genus) Chad you might be surprised from reading Todd Overton comments and talking with Bob (he will shock ponds soon) who knows there may not have been a total loss in the area. Still have questions? � 2014 POND BOSS INC. all rights reserved USA and Worldwide. why or why not? Tacklemaking; Bass fishing tips, tricks, and tactics. Got a feeling they would have not made it this year but then again I will be finding out soon if Atlanta shad were complete die offs or not. I would say application is in trophy bass but also quality bass after being well established for several years and they are wanting to push limits. Having multiple forage options for bass cannot hurt IMO and is probably a good thing. You can probably stock shad in your pond but you will have winter kills every 3rd year on average if I had to guess. He says that shiners are very fast in the water, and with the exception of the golden shiner, do not grow beyond 2 or 3 inches, meaning bass will be more likely to target a larger, slower bluegill or shad"Shiners are so popular as live bait because they can be raised in huge numbers very easily in a pond," says Gilliland. Unless I really, really, misunderstood, he said TShad. Yeah, I thought Todd lost his T-shad in his ponds etc. If your goal is to have big bass then go with Threadfins and Tilapia. I have personally heard him say both at different times. Have they exhausted their FHM supply yet? im still on the fence abou T-shad. he said more to it than that but we all know that is always the case. Shiners and shad live longer if hooked through front lips or bottom lip through nostril. Lusk just txt me it was "GIZZ". Chad, Todd added to his Tshad thread and said he was surprised he had them still there-thus my comment. Stocked with 75 F1s, 75 Northern LMB, and 50 CC in May 2009. are they a kind of shad or minnow? http://www.pondboss.com/subscribe.asp?c=4, will turning aeriation off help muddy water, On Time Feeders VS all others. Shad...lol. I was in that thought process for years leaning more on risk side but our shocking has showed us differently. Surprised me too. Golden shiners can go in this year if you like. what about the shiners you can buy at the bait shop? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Any recommendation for shore jigging reel size? Here's what is probably a really dumb question. I will findout and report if wrong or right. I've never stocked the threadfins, too cold up here for them to survive the winter. Erik. I go to cedar creek lake in kentucky to fish and they have a rule that you cant use shad for bait. ok we are going to have to bet a beer over this one I say he says "not once has he shocked a bass over 10 lbs in a lake that does not have gizzard shad." We began about 5 years stocking prior to bass and have had NO issues stocking them then and have saved clients tons of money but stocking less. History of pond: Central Arkansas, 2.5 acres, max depth 28 ft. Stocked with RES, BG and FHM in Oct 2008. There have been a number of double digit bass caught out of the 78 acre lake down the street from my house. Stocked with 75 F1s, 75 Northern LMB, and 50 CC in May 2009. Get your answers by asking now. and 11 lbs, 4 oz. That was my original plan anyway. and im down here a little south of Dallas. 1 Answer. The Easy Shiner combines the body of the Shad Impact with the fantastic tail action of the Swing Impact. There are a number of states were Tshad cannot survive but still have double digit state records. Thanks for the advice guys. Will they be eaten to extinction like the FHM? People lost them even a little south of my area this year. I am trying to figure out whether it is worth the time to go chase down shad with a cast net, or just buy some large minnows. I was thinking of getting saltiga 14k 2020 or 8000h.. Shiner is a general term for several types of minnows in the family. I go to cedar creek lake in kentucky to fish and they have a rule that you cant use shad for bait. Any suggestions? Lusk still says that he has never seen a double digit bass come out of ponds that don't have TShad. i agree for the most part limited place. cm, I can tackle one aspect on the question it is not too early. These versatile swim baits come in three sizes to match any fishing conditions. Get the GSH established before the bass get too large. This technique makes the shiner swim in a downward motion, and works great for trolling. Also, the back or end of the dorsal fin on a menhaden, lines up with the anal opening. Lv 5. How long do the golden shiners survive? Should I wear a mask while ice fishing with my buddy this winter? GShad have very limited application (trophy LMB only) and significant risk in ponds IMO. Mounting over water, 8 acre pond at 10,000' - lots of aeration ?s, Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.4. 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